Zaffy’s way of being in the world is informed by a love of chemistry, physics and biology as well as a need for peace, equality and good communication.

Zaffy sees all emotion and communication as equations and seeks balance at all times.

Everything that Zaffy does and doesn’t do is about creating balance and harmony in life. Zaffy lives very gently and peaceably.

Zaffy enjoys the company of friends, meeting new people, sharing thoughts and ideas and visiting new places. 

However, all of these things take careful preparation and require recovery.

Maintaining a calm and steady nervous system is vital for Zaffy’s health and wellbeing and so that Zaffy can continue to help others.

Zaffy puts every effort into creating a loving, peaceful and happy home which he uses as a retreat and a refuge.

I found the talk really interesting, It was great to hear how Zaffy regulates himself and knows when he needs to use his breathing techniques, it gave insight into how our children might be feeling when they are self-regulating well.

Resonance @ Seashell Zoom

My feedback for Zaffy is he is simply amazing! The time he takes to explain how he perceives the world and the care he takes to make sure the information is not generalised is so important.


Resonance @ Seashell Zoom

Zaffy explained everything in such a way that it was easy to understand.  The theory part of what we are learning on our Autism  course made so much more sense as he explained it from a personal experience. 

Resonance @ Seashell Zoom