By early adulthood, Zaffy was severely ill. Zaffy was doing the best he could to manage some very challenging situations and although Zaffy didn’t know it at the time, he was making everything a lot worse.

Zaffy knew something about the way his body and mind operated was different to other people’s. He drank lots of alcohol to calm down a very sensitive nervous system.

Zaffy is prone to hyper stimulation and didn’t know how else to be social without being drunk. With eating poorly, sleeping badly and living totally out of balance.

Zaffy soon got to a point where his body imploded. For years, Zaffy was unable to function, spending up to 18 hours each day unable to leave bed.

Zaffy couldn’t walk without a struggle, never mind work. Consults with doctors, neurologists and psychologists led him to eventual diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis.

However, none of this felt right to Zaffy and he eventually turned to ‘alternative’ practitioners for help.

Zaffy does not have Multiple Sclerosis. He was misdiagnosed as many people on the autism spectrum are.

Some of the things autistic people are misdiagnosed with include Bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder, attachment disorder, schizophrenia, migrane, epilepsy… and the list goes on!

His greatest benefits are from homeopathy, herbal remedies, diet, cranial sacral therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture , yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, regular exercise and other ancient natural medicines and practices.

The most important thing for Zaffy is to remain balanced and healthy.