Zaffy struggled during young adulthood and often used alcohol to cope with social and environmental pressures. 

Most of his time was spent struggling with sensory issues and ill health.

“I never just see a brick wall as a brick wall – I see every brick, every groove, every shadow on that wall,” Zaffy says.

“My brain can’t tune out information and so I have this over sensitivity to noise and visuals.

It can be euphoric and the simplest thing in nature can evoke ecstasy but the down side is that sometimes my brain can’t process everything that’s going on around me and it just shuts down.”

Zaffy knew that there was something different about his sensory and nervous system and having been (wrongly) diagnosed with a variety of diseases and disorders and with a diagnosis of MS which had never felt right.

Zaffy became concerned at how unhelpful general medicine was. Nothing that was offered by the range of health professionals Zaffy was seen by was helping.

At this point, feeling ill and sad, Zaffy decided to take matters into his own hands.