Zaffy was not diagnosed as having an autism spectrum condition until the age of 39. However, before that, several people had mentioned autism to Zaffy as a likely cause of Zaff’s experience of the world. 

Zaffy’s mum reports that she had wondered whether Zaffy was autistic. She says, ‘it did cross my mind, mostly because of how self-contained you were and caught up in your own world.’

Zaffy finally understood he was autistic when reading a book called ‘Thinking in Pictures’ written by autistic author Temple Grandin, because Zaffy does indeed think in pictures! 

Zaffy did not realise this wasn’t the case for everyone until it came to light by chance in conversation.

For every word Zaffy hears during a conversation, his mind has to pull up an image and then has to put all those images and words together to form a scene in order to create meaning. As a result, conversations can be exhausting for Zaffy.

I found the talk really interesting, It was great to hear how Zaffy regulates himself and knows when he needs to use his breathing techniques, it gave insight into how our children might be feeling when they are self-regulating well.

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My feedback for Zaffy is he is simply amazing! The time he takes to explain how he perceives the world and the care he takes to make sure the information is not generalised is so important.


Resonance @ Seashell Zoom

Zaffy explained everything in such a way that it was easy to understand.  The theory part of what we are learning on our Autism  course made so much more sense as he explained it from a personal experience. 

Resonance @ Seashell Zoom