Zaffy's Art Gallery

Zaffy has always used art as a coping mechanism and now understands that it can play a huge part in enabling autistic people to express.

Zaffy’s art is usually created out of a need to synesthise sensory information in ways that make it manageable. Drawing in situations where there is a lot of input makes it possible for Zaffy to take part, and to avoid the extremely uncomfortable experience of overwhelm.The works of art you see in the gallery are originals created by Zaffy at times when there has been a potential for great stress. Zaffy will have used two pencils and whatever paper came to hand. The drawings you see are in their raw state. They are not for sale as they are.However, should you wish to own a piece of Zaffy’s original art, this is entirely possible! Zaffy will have to do some work on the drawing of your choice to ‘clean it up’ and prepare it to go into print.Please get in touch with Zaffy to say which one you like. You can do this by emailing the page. Make a note of the drawing you wish to buy and make sure you tell Zaffy this in your email. Zaffy will then get back to you with options on format and pricing and you can take it from there.All images on this site, Copyright Zaffy Simone.

Please do not use any images without permission.