Resonance with Zaffy

Zaffy invites you to discover how others resonate with his thoughts and experiences. 

Zaffy helped shine a light on how people with autism feel and how neuro typical people can help and accommodate and was also lovely to hear how to find those little examples of where you can meet a person with autism where they are at and use it to help positively them rather than to stop them.

Zoom / Seashell Cheshire UK

When Zaffy spoke about the breathing exercises ,we as support workers studying and understanding our YP and working with them in their individual way incorporating the breathing in things they do naturally every day  was one of the highlights as well as cleansing our nervous systems.

Zoom / Seashell Cheshire UK

I found the talk with Zaffy so interesting and I learnt a lot from him I was interested to learn about his childhood experiences with autism and how he manages his life around it now as an adult. I want to thank Zaffy for taking time out to talk to us I think he is amazing!!

Zoom / Seashell Cheshire UK